A Small Step For Me…

I suppose that I’ve always been a geek.

Not that that’s a bad thing, a geek is just someone who allows themselves to be un-apologetically excited about things that bring them happiness. Frankly, being geeky is as close to being emotionally free as most of us will ever get.

As my long-suffering fiancee can probably attest I absolutely love a good bit of Sci-Fi, anything from Star Wars, Star Trek and Firfly (damn you Fox Network) to Mass Effect and Halo. To top off my amazing ability to bring uncomfortable silences to dinner parties I am also an International Relations nerd* having completed by BScEcon at Aberystwyth University in Wales and my MA at the University of Sussex.

As you have probably realised this blog is me channeling these two interests into something hopefully worth reading. I will attempt to bring all that expensive education to bear on the issues and complexities of humanity as we start to blindly stumble around our little corner of the galaxy (don’t worry there will probably be quite a few aliens and Jedi thrown in for good measure!).

I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment with any thoughts, comments or wacky ideas you might have!





* Nerd – similar to geek except it involves getting excited about something that cannot be enjoyed by the mainstream due to its complexity or specificity e.g. the UN or mathematics.


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